Starting a business – what to focus on first 

“What are the necessities; and what is it important right now”

Ok lets do something…… a Mind dump  

Two things we try to do we a mind dump
  • Highlight the business decisions that should be made quickly
  • Categorize your activity list into admin, immediate, and outsource 
Get a blank piece of paper. 

Write down anything that comes to mind regarding the business 

Get all the things onto a page, any ideas or activities that are occupying your mind right now. Any Business decisions that need to be made… anything that comes to mind. 

We are going to dump all these thoughts down on a piece of paper to clear your mind… to build FOCUS.

We are trying to highlight the business decisions that you should not spend too much time on. Because right now we are trying to be productive and accelerate time to market

Next we group them 
  1. Admin – business setup and admin task
  2. Immediate – ‘I must do’ – company name, niche focus, ideal customer, value proposition, goals, 
  3. Outsource – ‘Someone else can do’ – website, branding, logos, sales scripts, pictures, 

Whatever you think are non-critical activities right at this moment that are not going to deliver value, get them off your plate by making quick decision on them, or outsource the task to someone else. These tasks are draining, so get them off your plate. 

You might have a cool marketing idea for a viral campaign targeted at stay at home moms. Let’s push that to the side and move forward with the basics, then we can attack these activities later.