5 things you can actually implement today…

and it won’t take you all day

1. Draw out your sales funnel. (20mins)

A sales funnel is the journey by which your customer enters the selling process. It is a step by step process for converting a new prospect into a client. 

Take a sheet of paper and from left to right, take notes under each header

Education –> Awareness –> Decision –> Action

Traffic Source; Lead Magnet: re-targeting: automation/follow-up: close

Why do this? It might make it clearer for you to remove any roadblocks preventing people from moving to the next stage of the funnels

2. Ask for a referral. (5mins)

Go back over you clients for the last 6 months and call up one of them to ask for a referral.

3. Reach out to 4 people thru Linkedin. (15mins)

You should know you target market. Linkedin is great because you can search for that Job Title with a specific industry. Reach out to them and say that you work in “this industry”, and you want to learn more about what they do. 

4. Answer a questions on Cuora (10mins)

Search Quora for questions relating to your industry 

This exercise is part of your “becoming a thought leader” strategy 

5. Write a day in your prospects diary

If you really understand your prospect, their wants, desires, feelings, and deepest fears. You should be able to write a day in their diary. 

Having that much insight is powerful and will lead you towards creating the right solutions for them!

You could even do it over your lunch hour…

“The Prospectors Lunch”, we’ll call it!