Everyone loves free shit. Here’s some free resources that will help you.

And best of all, they are FREEEEEE.

Icon Finder
What is it: Free icons
Icons are great for websites, flyers, any sort marketing material really.
What is it: Design anything.
From online banners, flyers and brochures, business cards, inforgraphics. Loads of templates to choose from.
What is it: Free email marketing soltuion
its too easy
and now they have built in marketing automation, landing pages, website popups
Adspresso — facebook ad examples
What is it: a collection of facebook ads for a variety of companies (over 130K)
If you are in the game of creating facebook ads. This resource is great to see what other people in your industry are advertising like.
What is it: Social media manager
Manage your social media posting schedule, follow your competitors, follow important industry influencers. Target influencers with your content
Hubspot CRM
What is it: A CRM
A place for you to manage all your contacts. You can move these leads along the pipeline until they become a client. Has in built email marketing function where you can response to prospects.
Gav’s Guide
What is it: Free marketing planner tool
Shows you every possible avenue for you to market your business and reach customers
Also provides a simple drop-down selector to build your own plan and start executing.
Here‘s to your FREEEEEEEEDOM