What the hell do you mean Human Octopus?

To become the Human Octopus is the wish of every small business owner. Imagine completing all your daily tasks with ease. Now that would be heaven.  

Customer Service
Relationship building

So, how would one become a Human Octopus?

I’ll introduce the concept of “buying time”. The only way we can get to where we want to go faster is with HELP, and Guidance. If you can acquire free help, great. If not, you need to buy help. This way you can get tasks completed faster. 

“Outsource” should be the word of 2018. Outsource all the tasks that you consider remedial, time sapping, and we can call these “minimum wage” tasks. Get back to doing big picture stuff and serving you clients with an amazing service

Start slow by outsourcing 1 task. Get used to the process. I used to design Ads, Flyers, and PDFs. It would take anywhere from 20mins to 3hours. Now I can hire someone for $5/hr and free up some time.

Identify the tasks that you, 
      a) do not like doing, 
      and b) are not good at. 

Keep on movin’