And specifically we are talking about Drip Emailing Marketing,
aka, nurturing, pruning, priming, email sequences. Drip-feeding emails to your prospects in order to bring them through your funnel
There is a whole lot of what terminology to use, but it means the same thing
Essentially, an automated email marketing series.
Watch this video on email marketing for an overview of how it can be used and what systems are good to use.
So, let’s pick an event planning company. What lead magnet could you offer? And what email sequence could you set up?
Lead magnet:
Offer a free resource to visitors – “5 essentials to planning your first corporate event”,
or “office xmas parties – top 10 vancouver locations for 2019”
Now we have captured their email address and we can start a “Nurture sequence” automated email marketing series
Email Sequence:
Email 1: Hi there, Here is your free resource – add in a little about how you help companys with events
Email 2: Hi There, another free resource – 4 tips for organising your first office xmas parties” ; or “5 dos and don’t for organising corporate events”.
Email 3: HI there, still thinking about running your corporate event for your company? Here are some events we recently did, here are some happy customers. – Call us to avail of your free consultation
Email 4: (the offer) Hi there, limited time only, 15% off events, valid for 3 months. Book your free consultation today.
Sit back and watch the nurturing take place.
What you need to know
The bulk of the work and effort behind this is… creating the content. Content that your audience wants to consume. It has to be valuable to them and make their lives easier, and show you as the thought leader expert in your space.
Then the rest of the effort is in the setup and config of the sequences, making sure it all flows together.
What is it going to take
Estimated time to set up – 5 – 8 hours of effort. Spread over 1 week.
Estimated Amt of effort – focussed, creative effort required
Estimated cost – Mailchimp=free, Active Campaign=$25/mth
Need help guidance on this?
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Pro Tips: Let’s get sophisticated now
1. A nurture sequence can also be set up with online ads. For example, if you are running a Facebook Ads, you can have a 4 part nurture sequence ready to push to prospects. Once they view Ad #1, then the next Ad they will see will be Ad #2 in the sequence, then Ad3#, and so on. With the same aim of bringing them along the funnel
2. Segmenting – if you provide a range of services. It’s always good to segment the prospects based on their interest. Best to do this at the top of the funnel.
You may have seen this before on a website, where they ask “what size is your company, and also, what your role with the company”
They are trying to segment small companies from enterprise, and directors from sales staff.
Your marketing will then be relevant to that segment.