As a master planner, I procrastinate the actual function of planning..

.. to get shit done.

I’m sharing this because I know this is the type of mental battle that many business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants. 

The best plan is the world is useless if it is not executed upon.

Planning is the opposite of doing in a sense. It’s pre-“Doing”. The trick is not to get so hooked on this phase of the activity because you will lose sense and drive for what matters, the application of that idea/plan.

POA – plan of action. Not… plan of non-action. or plan to plan.

Planning and thinking are one of the same.. and they are the opposite of doing and executing.

Why do I do this?
It’s a fear thing really. I’m happy to stay in the comfort zone before the “what happens if i carry this plan out and I fail?”.
Accept what is, re frame your mind and get it done!

Inactivity is the real failure. Get that into your brain, and you will start to turn things around.

What can help you?
Some quotes maybe…
“I don’t think, because thinking is the opposite of doing”, some David Goggins, Navy Seal
“Don’t start anything you’re not going to finish”, Seth Godin, Marketeer.