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What does it mean to sell

What does it mean to sell. To be a salesman? 

Everyone says you should be selling yourself.

Someone top coaches believe that everyone is a salesman, even technical founders hardcore coding who have never had to deal with customers. But these guys are selling to potential investors. 

A softer word we often use is to “market” oneself. In essence it is the same thing, we are trying to promote our best selves in any given moment. 

TIP: Reframe your thinking

The word  “Sell”, is actually derived from the Norwegian term selge, which mean to serve

Taking this mindset, the sale becomes more of a collaborative, “I want to help you because I care about you sale” approach
rather than…. “here is my shiney bag of services, I don’t know if you’re a right fit for my product but buy now anyway” 

It makes you think about the client and the value you are adding. Serving is gonna be your best chance of building a long lasting relationship.
Are you serving clients, or selling to them?