Do you actually give a shit about the client?

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… Well you should, if you want their business long term

Caring means doing shit that you don’t really wanna do, and remembering minute details that are going to impress your clients next time round. 

I think that this is the essence of good rapport. Remembering something personal that a client said to you, and asking them about it the next time you speak with them. 

People are bad at rapport these days. They are not taking time to get to know their clients. Their clients are merely a voice on the end of a signature

What can you do

Remembering birthdays, children birthdays, special events. Ask them about their weekend, and you’ll find out about their family, friends and hobbies.

Next time you’re with them, ask them about those hobbies. 

Pro Tip:


Example. You’re meeting with a client for the first time. Do your research, scope their LinkedIn, if they are from a different City/Town, check out what the latest local news is. Then ask them about it.

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