February blues are the real blues!!! Because you’ve started the year with so much gusto, a fantastic plan, then you get swamped. You think, faaaaaack!! What happened to January, I had grand plans but how can I keep going like this.
If this is you, you need help. Taking the weight off the shoulders is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business. Work on your biz, not in it. (overused cliche I know)
We all start off Jan with great intentions. Ambitions to grow, to connect with new people, to bring on new clients. X and Y should be achieved and you should be on your way to a solid Feb. But something has happened. Its hasn’t come as fast as we would like.
We’ve got suck running the business, with firefighting. Getting bogged down in the day-2-day. And yes it is hard to take yourself from the daily activities when you are in this alone.
Why has this happened?
Partially because our minds are sucked into the get rich quick, immediate ROI, 10K in 30days mentality, which is being touted in the media to helpless business owners. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. It’s takes graft, creative strategizing, persistence, but no-one wants to hear that story.
Change your mentality. Believe in the process. Focus on the small steps you can do each day that will ultimately bring you closer to your goal.
So, here we have it.

February Blues — Hangover CURE

  1. 1. Quickly analyze January — don’t spend too long at this.
    What worked, what didn’t, why didn’t I achieve on what I set out to do.
  2. 2. Looking ahead — Feb and Mar (Q1) — really visualize what you are going to do these 2 months
  3. 3. Don’t plan too much. Because “planning is the opposite of doing”. What can you honestly say you can commit to every day.
  4. 4. Highlight the areas you want to focus on. 1 or 2 marketing tasks, don’t spread yourself too thin
  5. 5. Make it an execution month. Where you set SMART goals and deliver on these goals daily.
  6. 6. Sales funnel clarity — (and make it visual — funnelytics.io) Think of all the steps it is going to take to bring your client through the funnel from initial interaction to the sale
  7. 7. Outsource and Automate— these should be your new best friends. Start adopting processes that automate the sales processes appointments scheduling, and follow ups.
  8. 8. Capture info — You can easily set up you website with a lead capture, or run ads to drive prospects to a landing page with value.
  9. 9. An email sequence — to nurture/warm your prospect. Offer value, then a discount, and then your core offer.
Some useful resources
I like Neil Patel, he covers the broad spectrum. Even interesting reads like “How to Do SEO When You’re in a Low-Volume Niche”
Landingi — a pretty cool sleek landing page creator. Its all drag and drop, they have pre-made templates that are 1 page optimized landing pages.
Digital marketer — beginners guide to Digital marketing, check it out
Facebook groups — they are tons of these. All providing great insights, free value, and brilliant for Q&A
Builderall — the all in one marketing solution. My favourite tool I’m using right now. Includes a website builder (drag and drop), sales funnel templates, landing pages, an email auto-responder. And is just down right fantastic to use. If you don’t want to pay $97/mth for Click Funnels. This platform is $30/mth.
Stay fresh, stay hungry!
-Gavin (founder)