Free Google Ads Audit

An Audit of your Google Ads campaigns to identify waste and spot opportunities.

Completely FREE, no-strings attached, high-value audit of your Google Ads account with a recommendations report detailing our findings.

Why a free audit?

There is so much waste in Google Ads, frankly it’s a disgrace that Google can push (sometimes forcefully) unsavvy business owners into the platform, yet not help them set it up right.  

Campaigns that are not setup right, under performing, and some that are literally burning money…  that’s why we do it.  

We care about helping small businesses like you to save money, spend wisely, and get more results.

What else? 

Well we’re finding about 40% off accounts have critical errors and another 40% are not performing as they should. That leaves only about 20% who are actually doing it right. And that’s no-ones fault, Google Ads is a beast. It’s cumbersome and it does not work out of the box as intended. 

How will the audit help you?

First, we check your account against the 10 common pitfalls, and then we run you through our 31-point Google Ads Inspection Sheet. And the results of our findings we detail on a recommendations report provided to you.

What will the audit cover?

We’ll look at Conversion tracking, Campaign settings, Ad copy, keyword targeting, campaigns structures, and more

What’s the catch?

No strings attached, no pressure. We’ll analyse your Google Ads account and give you recommendations for you to apply yourself. 

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, or can’t, or don’t have time, you can hire us and we can work together.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is free!

Whats the process? 

You give us access to Google Ads and Analytics and we’ll run our 31 point inspection audit. Typically this takes us 60-90 mins. We’ll collect our notes and recommendations into a Google. Then you can go and make the changes, or you can hire us to take care of it for you. 

Common Google Ads Complaints 

  • I dont know if im getting any leads from campaigns
  • I dont know if im choosing the right campaigns
  • I dont know whether to choose broad, phrase, or exact match keywords
  • I dont know what my ROI is.

Don’t worry.. you are not alone. Many business owner have the exact same struggles and more.

That’s why we offer a Free Audit to give you the boost you need and deserve.

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