(Don’t just take note and put it on the to-do list for next week)

This is not for Next weeks to-do list


Reach out – are you reaching out?

People are talking about RO marketing nowadays. Well what the hell does that mean. It’s kinda like a new take on networking, building connections, and growing through referrals.

It mean you should reach out to people. People who you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask them how they are getting on and how their business is going. 

Is your mind focussed on reaching out you just might spot an opportunity. 

And not just to prospects.. reach out to old friends, ex-colleagues, old clients. Maybe they don’t 
know that you have a company. Maybe they know someone that needs your services. If anything you are being nice and remaining top of mind. 

So go, reach out to 5 people.

Tip 2. 
Harness your craft. 

If you wanna be the best of the best give yourself time to become the best. There are skills you can always work on. Scripting, persuasion, sales videos. Try new things, put it out there and see what the reaction is.  

2 hours in the morning dedicate to harnessing your skills. If you can’t give 2 hours, give 1 hour. If you cant give 1 hour, then set your alarm 2 hours earlier and do it

Get it done