The Head of Digital Marketer Ryan Deiss gave the opening keynote at the Traffic and Conversions summit at the beginning of the year. 

He boiled the future of marketing down to three big shifts within the industry:

  • Conversation is the new lead
  • Community is the new brand
  • The customer is the new power broker

1# Invest in conversations. 
It might mean profiling your leads before you call them leads. Segmenting them into various categories. And using Bot to automate this side of the lead development process. 
Use bots to gather information so when a member of your team joins the conversation, 

Bots will not replace human conversations. They’ll simply handle the front end of the conversation, and humans will jump in when they are wanted and when they are needed.”

#2 Community is the new brand. 
“Building a better brand than the next person.” 
Creating a membership site with a sense of community. Russell Brunsen of Clickfunnels has been a master of this. He has built a loyal following of “growth hackers” who would go to the end of the world for him. 

#3 The customer is the new power broker.
In a world of digital information overload the customer has so much choice. They can buy want they want in some many ways. 
The solution… becustomer-centric”
Serve your customers as they want to be served, build your ‘Why’ around helping them achieve, and continue to beat their expectations. 

You can read the article here