How to start a Facebook Ad campaign (easily… and by remodeling what’s working)

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“Model those who have come before you”. The best of the best are repeatedly staying that you should not reinvent the wheel. Tony Robbins, master life coach, Russell Brunson, click funnels creator and even Virgin’s Richard Bransen are all in agreement that the best approach is to see what’s working, re-engineer that model and adapt for your own.  

Simple right?

So here are some easy ways for your to spy on your competition and see what sort of Facebook campaigns are working. 

1. Set up an Ad account for free

If for you and your business only –

If you wish to manage multiple accounts –

2. Use to see how your competitors are advertising

Type in your keyword, or search by industry and learn how others in your field are advertising.

3. See what ads your competitor is running

Visit your competitors Facebook page. Locate the 3 dots (…) in the top right corner beside the share button

Click the drop down and select “View Ads”. You can now see every ad that the company is currently running.

4. Spying on your competitors traffic sources

Use – you receive 10 free credits if you stick in an email address. Have a look at the referral traffic for your competitors website. If a decent (and consistent) chunk is coming from Facebook, then you know they are getting a high click through rate from their ads… you could be onto something!

Now you’ve got a good idea on what’s working for your target market, let’s create the ad.

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