So…. it’s business time. 1 month to go.

Everyone is working hard to bring in dough before the Christmas break. 

Business time makes me think of Flight of the Concords…

What I’m doing now it focusing on 2019. I want to have a full plate come January 1st.

What I don’t want to do is start January mid month, fluff around for a week and next you know it’s February. What a waste… but I know that’s gonna happen to some people.

2019 for me… starts today.. November 29th

What activities should you try for 2019…

First and foremost, continue to develop your relationships, grow your network, and meet interesting people.

When I think marketing activities, I think Traffic.  How can I increase traffic to my business. Traffic could be web traffic, phonecalls, or inbound email requests. 

LinkedIn Direct Outreach

It works, but it takes time. And perseverance. Sign up to Linkedin premium for a few months. Direct message people, look to set up a consultation call.     
Perfect for finding and targeting your ideal audience. Best for B2B and targeting potential partnership clients

Facebook Ads

Stage 1 – re-target your website visitors. This is a great one to do. You’re only hitting people who are warm to your business.

Stage 2 – target brand new prospects. This one takes more effort to dig into the detail and target your prospects correctly. 

Perfect for bringing website visitors back to your site.

Build your Ultimate Lead Magnet, (which I call “the free water resource

Refer to this post for an explanation.
Push you Free Water resource to your network, through social channels, through ads, through FB groups you are in, add it to the bottom of your email, offer it up to prospects. 

Question to ask yourself: 

What is the best most valuable piece of content that I can create that is going to make my prospect life easier, or solve their #1 problem. 

Perfect for everyone – everyone needs to have a resource (or bait) to attract their target market

Automate some marketing functions

Offer up your lead magnet on your website through a lead capture mechanism 

Either offer your Ultimate Lead Magnet or break it down into more consumable chunks. It can come in the form of a ebook, How-To guide, Checklist, Cheatsheet, 101 series etc. The goal is to entice your target customer to trade their information (email, tel no), in exchange for your content.

Then we create an automated 4 part email series, which aims to bring your prospect along the journey towards an becoming a client. Once the user has opted in, sit back and watch it runs on auto-pilot. 

This way you are turning your website from static into a lead generation machine 

Perfect for.. anyone with a website! 

Video Marketing

Video yourself solving a problem for one of your customers.
Use this as a marketing tool on social channels, or use it as a lead tool for prospecting new customers.
The try and use the video as a Facebook Ad as well



Not so much of a marketing strategy, but I am continually finding that those who are able to delegate non-primary tasks to others, be that other staff, contractors, partners, or VA, are the ones who are making the most waves. 

The majority of people spread themselves too thin, trying to cover the whole gamut of business, operations, sales, and marketing. 

Outsourcing enables you to retain focus on your key business drivers. 

Identify the remedial tasks in your day that are preventing you from working on driving your business forward. Outsource these tasks. 

There you have it… some ideas for 2019…

If you need help putting it all together, I would be happy to speak with you and guide you with some custom strategies for your business. 

Good Luck and Get It Done