A – Ask your audience. People often undertake business ventures without ever asking the customer. “would you buy such a product/service”

B – Be yourself. Time and time again the best gurus in the world are repeating that the only way to be true to be comfortable is to devise your own method. Find a certain method/style that you like and adapt it for your own.  

C – Customer-centric – always have the customer in mind from the moment you start. 

D – Devise your plan – a plan of where you wanna get to is important. And now I don’t want to see a 40 page business plan. That’s so 1998! A simple plan that is actionable, that is ambitious, that is there is front of you every day as a guide. From my years of business I’ve learned that the you can get most of you plan onto 1 single page. 

E – Evaluate the market, the competitions. See whats happening, what is out there that you can make better

F – FOCUS – do not try and do everything at once. Pick a few tasks to focus on and hit the ground running. 

G – GOALS – set goals, SMART goals. We’ve all heard that acronyms a million times. but its true. Use it, its a good baseline for focusing your efforts. 

H – Hungry. be hungry for the sale. Persistence is king. Don’t be afraid of “pissing someone off” or being self conscious. No-one really cares about you- that’s the mentality you’ve got to have

I – Ideal Customer – everyone is referring to this now as the avatar. Do you know their needs, desires, deepest fears, problems, what keeps them up at night, what they eat for breakfast. Put yourself in their shoes. 

J – JUST DO IT – thanks Nike. In an era of procrastination, distraction, notifications, fear, and self consciousness. Nike has some great word of wisdom. Just do out there an get it done. 

K – Keep yourself moving. If you’ve tried one avenue and it isn’t working, pivot and try something else. Life is about split testing. That essential how all great businesses start, trying one thing, learning, moving to the next, spotting an opportunity here. etc

L – Laymans – make sure that you keep everything simple. In laymen terms. The world is becoming too complicated and your clients will appreciate the simplicity of your offering and the clarity in which you can explain to them about how you can help. No jargon

M -mentality. This is the no1 thing that is going to decided your fate. Mentality separates the men from the boys. Most of the top sales coaches and marketing gurus work on mentality alone. they believe that the tools and tactics and strategy can be adopted by anyone. Anyone who approaches the work with the right mentality

N – Network . another valuable asset, and one which most people shy away from. Just get involved, speak to people. be kind and genuinely ask question about their business. If they are not a prospect, maybe then know someone who is. Build your bridges early. 

O – Open doors – open the door and introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to ring someone and ask them to meet you for coffee. 

P – Proof is in the pudding. When you start working with customers, make sure to document what you did along the way and the results you achieved. This will essentially be your sales pitch to the new prospect. 

Q – Quit the mind. The best of the best are all turning to meditation as a way to calm the mind and really focus on the task at hand. Try Headspace App

R – Reach Out – look at your network, your extended network. anyone who you think might be a prospect of know someone. reach out to them

Also reach out to old university friends, school friends and ex-colleagues. your never know when an opportunity might arise from a simple Linkedin “how are things” message. 

S – Sales funnels – understand the flow of your customers journey from initial phase through to sales. what are the trigger points/persuasion tools 

T – Time. Is a crucial best friend. use her wisely. Read the 4 hour work week if you wanna know how to be a critical time keeper, and master productivity player

U – Use the various tools at your disposal. Youtube videos for learning, sales funnels software, lead magnets, landing pages, SEO tools. etc

V – Value – make sure you continue to provide value at every point in time. Consider the value ladder. (if you don’t know read Dotcom secrets) if you are not providing value to the client you don’t really have leg to stand on. So some ground work and really figure out a solution that is going to solve their problem

W – Webinars. If you fancy yourself in front of the camera, this can be an amazing way to bring in new leads. 

X – X marks the spot. Set your eyes on the prize and go for it. sell, sell, sell. Always be selling. Frame you mind to be consistently scanning the environment for possible opportunities and prospects. all day every day. 

Y – You.. are the only one who can determine your success. Which means.. look after yourself. Don’t forget about your family. Stay in touch with friends, and keep in good health. All these factors will contribute to your overall health, your mental health–> mental strength–>business success

Z – zzzzz. don’t sleep. But visualize. If you visualize your success the action you take every day will seem familiar and you’ll feel more comfortable. 

Now, get it done!

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