12 months since the Greatest Country in the World announced their new leader

And what has he accomplished….. in the twitter world

Followers – 42.2Million
Tweets – 36,300
Top Favourited and Retweets

Most Favourited – 617K

2nd most Favorited – Trump gets creative with WWE reference – his own assault on CNN outside of the ring

3rd most favourited – upon winning the election

The next few favuouties are a mix of positive, negative and threatening

 Not Happy with the Electoral College

 Backing up his Wife’s plagaurised speech

Fidel Castro is Dead! – just FYI to the world

Taking the knee

Picking a fight with Steph Curry

Prior to being president – some old favourites


 New found love for slagging “Rocketman”

Special thanks to http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com/ for the data

Looking forward to another year from the King of Twitter