With the summer in the rear-view mirror… focus turns towards year end. We count back the months… 4 to go until the Christmas break. It’s game time.

Some of you have had the “summer slump”… some have been making waves and busy.

Regardless, do a quick stock check and they aim forward. Onwards and upwards.

Looking ahead

Some questions to consider when plotting the next 4 months

  1. What activities am I doing now that are directly building my pipeline?
  2. How many potential new clients am I engaging with on a daily basis?(face-2face online wherever)
  3. Is the thing I’m doing right now, getting me closer to my goal?
    1. Video Link: (Is it making the boat go faster?
  4. Do I need to look at outsourcing some tasks to free up some focus time?

Some ideas for September Salestime..

1. Reaching Out

Active RO… is the term I remember reading about a while back. Active Reaching Out”

This could be reaching out to old friends, ex colleagues, or people within your network that you have lost touch with. Reach out to them, ask how they are doing! Make that network stronger. Maybe they are doing something new you haven’t heard about, maybe you are doing something new they don’t know about

Also, reaching out to brand new people.
Linkedin, Board of trade, your network, any facebook groups you are a member of.

I feel “Reaching Out” evokes a better feeling, compared to “Cold Calling

“Hey we met once before at X event, wondering if you had a brief moment to talk.”
“Hey, I’m a member of this Board of trade, I noticed you are as well. I saw that you are doing this, would you be interested in working together or actively referring each other? Coffee?”

2.     Offer to speak at a chamber event

 Showcase your offering in front of potential buyers. Make sure you have your offer crystal clear and attractive!

Alternatively find a meetup in your niche. Attend a few times first then offer to speak at one of the upcoming events. 

3.  Collaborations / Leveraging

Think complementary products…. Can you collaborate with a company who has the same target market as you?
Think of what could be a complementary interest for the target market.

Example: Fitness people are interested in exercises, strength and conditioning. But also, they’re likely interested in vitamins, supplements, and even healthy eating.

Found someone? Ask them to run a joint workshop

4. Focussed Customer research

 – Where do your customers hang out? Online and offline
 – List the places that they may congregate
 – When you’re done… then google “how to target X” for more ideas

5. How can I attract my client?

What is the most valuable piece of content I can write / produce / create, that is gonna attract and entice my ideal client.

You want them to say “fuck yeah, I’ll give you my email for that piece of content”

Aka; we call this Bait, or Lead Magnet. I call it the “Value-Trade”. This is a piece of content (ebook, how-to guide, listicle, cheatsheet) that is of great value to your target market. 
..So there’s 5 things to consider this September 

If anything doesn’t make sense, just shout. Be happy to clarify.

Happy hunting