“There is so much confusion out there… I really don’t know what to focus on”

Marketing overwhelm.. a common struggle shared amongst all business owners.  

Where do I start? 

What can I do that is
1; Sustainable
2: Will deliver the best ROI
3: Doesn’t taken up all my time, and 
4. Simple to execute and manage

Step 1: Reverse Engineer

First, “explore what the others are doing”. Check out what the top guys in your industry are doing… locally and internationally.

Re-engineering for success. (some refer to this as Reverse Funnel Hacking)

Tony Robbins says, “Listen, learn and model those who have come before you until YOU become the master”

Warrens Buffets 10 Rules For Success, the #9 rule is “model success”

“Model Success”. See what others are doing, and do a better job at it.

Marketing Bloggers typically don’t have any new ideas; they just find a high performing post that ranks well, then they make a better post. (with more links, images, content etc)

.. so do some market research

Step 2: Fine tune your offer

Craft an amazing offer. Maybe what’s holding you back is the way you’re presenting your offer. Does it hit customers pain points, does it handle objections?

An offer should be an attractive, no-brainer for your target audience.

..so jot down some, then run it by a friend. Ask them was that powerful enough

Step 3: Automate some marketing functions

See what elements of the marketing mix you can automate. 

One way is to turn your website into a lead gen machine, buy offering up lead magnet like resources and how-to guides for your target audience to download and consume. 

Another way is to build automate nurture sequences for 

Example: we have one client who helps Healthcare Institutions manage GPDR Compliance. So we worked with them to build an ebook entitled; “Ultimate Guide to GDPR compliance for Healthcare Industry”. Once download it kicked off a 4-part automated email series to educate the user on the companies GDPR expertise then finally invite them to a book a consultation call. 

.. so what sort of lead magnet can you build

Step 4: Build a strategy that is one 1 page

If you can’t explain it on one page then it’s too complicated. Streamline everything onto a one-page strategy overview document. 

..so if you want the template.. just email me – gavin@monalomedia.com